Martha L. King,  P.C.

Martha L. King, P.C. is a 100% Indian-owned, woman owned, small business dedicated to providing excellent, timely, and precise legal services to Indian entities, enterprises, authorities, utilities, and Indian-owned small businesses. 

Martha L. King, P.C. was formed in 2016 by its Managing Attorney, Martha L. King. After its first year of existence, the Firm was included in U.S. News & World Report® and Best Lawyers® as a Best Law Firm in Native American Law, and has consistently been included therein since then.  

The Firm, through its Managing Attorney, has over twenty years of experience drafting legislation, amendments to legislation, including the Navajo Nation Sales Tax Trust Fund Plan of Operation for Distributing Funds, Local Governance Trust Fund, Navajo Business Site Leasing regulations, and amendments to the Local Governance Act and the Navajo Nation Code among others; assisting and advising Navajo Nation development committees on many diverse infrastructures, local governance matters, as well as on various aspects of the twelve economic enterprises of the Navajo Nation; and working with other business law matters such as that of labor and employment, land use, economic development and litigation.  

The Firm’s practice areas include law drafting, employment law, tribal taxation, economic development, federal, tribal and state-tribal relations, local governance, land use regulation, intergovernmental arguments, contract, civil defense, administrative law, and other matters common to municipal governments including parliamentary procedures.  

The Firm works with Boards of Directors and Management Boards in developing or amending governing documents for their businesses, including bylaws, policies and procedures, operating agreements and plans of operation, and in observing corporate formalities and applicable fiduciary duties. It develops tribal codes or amendments to support business activity. It also develops employee handbooks and other internal policies and procedures, and provides advice on compliance with such documents. It reviews leases, contracts, sales and purchase agreements, general agreements and other business documents for clients. The Firm assists management in litigation prevention strategies, but when corporate clients are sued, or they need to sue, the Firm litigates on their behalf. 

The team at Martha L. King, P.C. is dedicated to seeing that the interests of our clients are protected, and is committed to working with them to achieve their economic goals.