Employment law in Indian country is a complex body of law which is heavily impacted by federal judicial decisions. For example, federal employment laws which are silent as to Indian tribes may or may not apply to Indian reservations. Martha L. King, P.C. offers advice on legal questions in areas touching employment law.  

Our Firm’s broad experience in tribal employment laws, including the Firm’s experience in drafting proposed amendments to legislation impacting tribal employment such as the Navajo Preference in Employment Act (“NPEA”), serves as an asset to our clients: our familiarity with employment-related legislation, allows us to assist our clients in developing and enforcing human resource policies which would aid in dealing with employer-employee relationship problems. For example, while drafting amendments to the NPEA, the Firm proposed provisions which incorporated tribal fundamental law and customs in addressing tribal entities’ and Indian-owned businesses’ problems brought about by sections of the statute that limited the measures an employer could take to resolve problems regarding non-performing employees. Our Firm also proposed provisions that would weed out frivolous lawsuits brought by employees. 

Our actual experience working with employment matters enable us to effectively cater to our clients’ needs.