Tribal entities, tribally-owned and Indian-owned companies doing business in Indian country face unique challenges when they partake in Indian reservations’ commercial activities and development. Because of the unique interaction between federal, state, and tribal law in Indian reservations, legal guidance from counsel intimately familiar with the tribal environment is vital.  

Martha L. King, P.C. has extensive experience with corporate law interlaced with federal Indian law, and offers the advantages of a full-service firm to assist tribes, tribal entities, and tribally-owned and Indian-owned companies doing business in Indian country. We work in various capacities in Indian law, including serving as general counsel for tribes and advising specific transactions involving tribes.  

Our Firm works with Boards of Directors and Management Boards in developing or amending governing documents for their businesses, including bylaws, operating agreements and plans of operation, and in observing corporate formalities and applicable fiduciary duties.  It develops tribal codes or amendments to support business activity.  It assists tribal clients in developing, implementing and amending various tax codes. It also develops employee handbooks and other internal policies and procedures, and provides advice on compliance with such documents.  It also has a working knowledge of Robert’s Rules of Order, and general principles of parliamentary procedure.  It reviews leases, contracts, purchase and sales agreements, general agreements and other business documents for clients. The firm assists its clients in litigation prevention strategies, but when its clients are sued or when their strategy is to sue, it litigates on their behalf.